Thanks For Participating!

Thanks again,

The card is great!  I’ll try to spend it on myself- but my lady is making plans already, what do you do?

We took it out for Gander MT. and we have access to a store in Plattsburg NY,  but the internet is great to use. We don’t have much here unless you drive for an hour (one way) and with the weather here it can be “iffy”.

Thanks again and I will not let her use it all! I love giving the info to you and will continue to do so, never expected to win anything.  But thank you, we’ll add to her “river lost tackle box”- Don’t ask! but you get it.

Hope to help, and let me know if there is anything I can do,

  1. Kevin Page Reply

    I would love to get a gift card like that.

    • donna Reply

      Keep participating and you just might! Thanks for the note.

  2. jerry christy Reply

    How do you know if you win

    • donna Reply

      You would be contacted via email letting you know that’d you’ve been selected.

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